Conscious Business Essentials

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Developed as a fully online pathway, CB Essentials introduces participants to the key concepts of Conscious Business, giving them the opportunity to practice in ways that will increase their own personal power and effectiveness:

  • to live according to their own values more powerfully;
  • to achieve their personal and work goals more productively; and
  • to enjoy more effective interactions with others, at home and at work.


How we do it

The course is delivered in two submodules, each consisting of 6 sessions covering the key concepts and practices of Conscious Business. In the first submodule, participants will learn about the attributes of mind that create a platform for a more conscious way of being and they will have the opportunity to put them into practice in their own life and work. In the second one, they will learn how to be more effective and productive in their important relationships with others, applying the core mindsets to improve the quality of their conversations.


Mindset Matters


One Conversation At A Time



What we do
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