Making things happen: improving the way we make decisions

We all make numerous decisions every day. A recent study showed that on average, the majority of us spend more than 30 percent of our working time on decision making, and that time only increases with seniority. Our intent is to keep things moving forward. We want to offer quality products or services on time for our clients. But many times, the decisions are not made efficiently, the process creates too much friction, or what was supposed to be implemented, never happens in the way we thought. When we don’t deliver on our commitments, we are risking our relationship with our stakeholders, which can impact future projects.

If you want to learn how to make efficient and fluid decisions and help your organization deliver in a robust and reliable way, this webinar is for you.

You will learn 3 things you can do that will help:

  • run more effective meetings
  • improve your decision-making process
  • increase clarity and commitment to action

Watch the full recording here: 


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