Innovation Sprints

The Key is in the Sprints

Whether starting from scratch or looking for a fresh approach, our unique Innovation Sprints are designed to help teams reduce risk when developing a new product, solution, or service.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Did past innovation projects fizzle?
  • You don’t have an innovation process?
  • There is little to no follow up between ideation, development and go-to-market strategies?
  • There is tension and confusion around behaviors for traditional versus innovation projects?





Move in the right direction

Emphasizing speed, collaboration, flexibility, and mindsets, our brand of Innovation Sprints adapt best practices to clearly define and validate goals before development, and how to quickly pivot – if necessary – throughout the go-to-market process.




What Innovation Sprints do

This process allows teams to build innovation capabilities and capacities while working on top-priority business problems.

Through carefully planned “Design Sprints,” we train, coach and mentor teams on the attitudes, processes and disciplines used by successful entrepreneurs and startups to ideate, validate, reframe and prototype their concepts – rapidly.

Innovation Offerings

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