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culture transformation
Is your culture transformation journey stuck?
By Teryluz Andreu
Many organizations have identified the need to drive culture change to adapt to evolving business needs and strategies and new ways of working and retaining talent. The need is clear, and the desire…
Embracing a Culture of Curiosity in a VUCA World
By Anabel Dumlao
What would the corporate world look like if there was no curiosity at work? What if we stopped being inquisitive about the world, others, and ourselves? In times of disruptive change, individuals and leaders need to embrace both: running the present and preparing for the future. Those who are good at both will thrive in the 21st century. Read the full article co-authored by Anabel Dumlao and Stefaan van Hooydonk.
What is Conscious Leadership?
There are no more words left. The video below expresses everything we all need to know about #ConsciousLeadership. Through this video, Constanza Busto, Thierry de Beyssac and Philip Botha share…
The Pandemic I experienced as CEO
By José Suárez Arias-Cachero
The first thing I perceived was fear — fear in our people, fear in our clients, fear in our families. And I understood that the first thing we had to do was to overcome fear...
How leaders can foster belonging in a hybrid working environment
By Constanza Busto
While there are many advantages for organizations and employees in adopting a hybrid model, it needs to be planned and consciously managed to offset some of the disadvantages hybrid work has revealed in the past years. Let´s look at the main drawbacks people have expressed after forcefully adopting this new way of working.
When it comes to DEI, we are never done!
By Teryluz Andreu
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is one of the top trends that is shaping organizations in 2022 and beyond. This article dives deep into the topic and reflects on its underlying cultural challenges.
Conscious Leadership & Psychological Safety: Keys to Growth & Innovation
By Thierry de Beyssac
When we were kids, we learned so many things from having zero knowledge about them. What happened to us when we became adults?
Oseas Ramírez, has been named Axialent’s new CEO
Published on
Oseas Ramírez Assad, ex-Cisco, has been named Axialent’s new CEO. Our former CEO, José Suarez Arias-Cachero, will become a board member and will continue to be a strategic partner. We are…
Launch of the book "Be the Change: the art of becoming our own innovation project".
By Fran Cherny
Launching event of Fran Cherny's book, Be the change: The art of becoming our own innovation project.
agile myths debunked
Common Agile Myths Debunked
By Thierry de Beyssac
While many in the business world talk about Agile ways of working, how accurate is the information we think we know? Are you confusing Agile myths with reality?