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The “Right Culture” to Have in a Crisis: Two men collaborating at work
The “Right Culture” to Have in a Crisis
By Timothy Altaffer
Have you considered how current events have been affecting your organization’s culture? We need to consider how we, as leaders, can drive positive culture change in this turbulent environment. What is the “right culture” to have in a crisis?
Is it your Boss? Or is it You?
By Timothy Altaffer
“She micromanages”; “He delegates too much”; “She doesn’t allow us to give our input”; “His requests are indecipherable”; “She demands too much in too little time.” The list could go on and on. Difficult bosses…they seem determined to make our lives impossible. Yes, there are challenging bosses out there. And there’s also our ability to respond to any given situation...
Are People Undermining Your Strategy (Execution)?
By Timothy Altaffer
Strategy execution is a central issue for companies and their directors. The challenge is how to integrate the hard and soft sides to achieve an impeccable execution.
Are Your People Undermining Your Strategy (Execution)?
By Timothy AltafferDavid Kallas
Ask most CEOs what keeps them up at night. They are sure to reply, “Strategy execution!” The effective execution of an approved strategy is probably one of the toughest challenges for any company. In fact, a recent HBR survey found that executional excellence was the number one challenge for CEOs, and 66 – 75 percent of large organizations are ineffective in implementing their strategies.