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The Power of Adaptability - changing circumstances, working remotely and creating positive impact
By Silke Zanker
Silke Zanker, Axialent Partner, is one of our global experts working with clients in fast-changing circumstances and has vast experience in working in remote ways. She has an extensive meditation and mindfulness background and believes this is key to our ability to stay grounded in these highly uncertain times.
Press Pause for Conscious Choice - How to stay calm and centered in the midst of challenging circumstances
By Silke Zanker
The increasingly fast pace of change in today's world can be overwhelming. We have much better chances of sustainable success - no matter what the actual organizational and personal outcomes we strive for - if we know how to come from a calm, centered space. In this webinar, Silke Zanker shares why the ability to stay calm and be mindful is at the core of high performance and the exact strategies and tactics top executives, athletes and many of our fortune 500 clients use to make powerful choices during stressful times. 
The Influence of Emotions in Leadership
By Silke Zanker
Emotions strongly influence decision-making, creativity and interpersonal relationships. And yet many leaders are uncomfortable with the topic of emotions or are unaware of its influence and impact on leadership, organizational culture and performance. Conscious, courageous leaders are aware of the power that emotions hold. They harness it and make it work for them.
Ultimate Culture Webinar – Tapping Into 15 Years of Changing Organizational Cultures Across the Globe
By Silke ZankerRichi Gil
In this webinar, Silke Zanker and Ricardo Gil will discuss myths surrounding culture and strategies for change based on 15 years of global culture transformation and their partnership with Human Synergistics.
What Does it Take to be a High-Performing, Conscious Leader
By Silke ZankerAndré Hartwich
High performance for conscious leaders is the foundation of creating impact. To achieve sustainable success, you need to focus on the I, We and It levels, and the way you show up is critical to achieving those.
Human Values: The Secret Ingredient in the Age of Digital and Disruption
By Silke Zanker
The rate of change in today's market has never been this fast and the challenge is, it is not going to get any slower. Digitization and disruption are happening in just about every industry and…