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How to find courage in adversity and become the leader you want to be
By Barbara Geels-Dingle
In this webinar, Barbara Geels-Dingle, Axialent consultant and stage 2 breast cancer survivor, will help you identify cues for courage and be more in flow when faced with adversity...
Press Pause for Conscious Choice - How to Stay Calm and Centered in the Midst of Challenging Circumstances
By Silke Zanker
The increasingly fast pace of change in today's world can be overwhelming. We have much better chances of sustainable success - no matter what the actual organizational and personal outcomes we strive for - if we know how to come from a calm, centered space. In this webinar, Silke Zanker shares why the ability to stay calm and be mindful is at the core of high performance and the exact strategies and tactics top executives, athletes and many of our fortune 500 clients use to make powerful choices during stressful times. 
The Secret Sauce of Execution Excellence
By Albert Durig
In this live webinar, Albert Durig, will share lessons and insights from his 30+ years working with organizations, teams and individuals who discovered the power of purpose to drive their engagement, productivity and ability to execute with others. He will share best practices, common pitfalls and some concrete steps people can take to define a compelling and meaningful purpose that empowers their action.
Lead to Transform: Why we Fail at Change
By Fran Cherny
Have you been trying to change something that is not working? Did you expect someone to change, but they didn't. Check out this webinar!
Ultimate Culture Webinar – Tapping Into 15 Years of Changing Organizational Cultures Across the Globe
By Silke ZankerRichi Gil
In this webinar, Silke Zanker and Ricardo Gil will discuss myths surrounding culture and strategies for change based on 15 years of global culture transformation and their partnership with Human Synergistics.
How to Build a Culture of Innovation
By Raphael Louis Vitón
This webinar features lessons learned from Axialent’s decade-long partnership with Human Synergistics, building more collaborative, courageous, creative and agile organizations. While many executives hide behind the “innovation/change is hard” excuse, in this webinar Raff and Tim will discuss firsthand stories that demonstrate how fostering a culture of innovation is easier when you:
How To 10x Your Business Results Through People
By Cathy Glass
Forget managing culture. Forget “stuff.” In this webinar to find out why “one conversation at a time” works. Learn how to lift the spirits and energy of your people and empower them to “be the change” of a conscious culture, without fear of failure.
The Role of Love in Leadership and Business Growth
By José Martí
Leadership development has focused typically on strengthening concepts (KNOWING) and skills (DOING). In a similar way, it looks to develop financial or sales capabilities. While these are necessary…
Innovation Leadership Essentials Part 2
By Raphael Louis Vitón
This session features essential lessons learned from Oseas. While many executives hide behind the “innovation/change is hard” excuse for not delivering on innovation goals, Raff and Oseas will…
Exploring the Mindset Barriers to Cross-Functional Collaboration
By Andrew Cohn
Mindsets play an important role in how different team members think, approach challenges, and work with others. The webinar will feature a specific example of a cross-functional team whose actions,…