Philip has held various management positions during his career to date, including co-founder, partner and managing director of Headspace PR; marketing director of Yahoo! Germany; and vice president of Consumer and Commercial Marketing at Universal Music International. He has also been facilitating leadership trainings on behalf of Axialent since 2009.

With his background in international business management, Philip started coaching in 2005, is certified as a professional coach with ICF and CTI, and specializes in executive coaching, leadership training and personal development.

He draws on his extensive experience when working with his clients, who range from international captains of industry to CEOs and senior executives, from small companies to billion-dollar corporations. Based in Berlin, Germany, Philip coaches or facilitates in English and German internationally.

Philip integrates his corporate background, expertise in executive coaching, leadership training, leadership and personal development, and experience gained as a yoga instructor to help his clients to explore valuable perspectives with which to address potential barriers that might be impeding their own development, or that of their organizations. Over the years, he has coached and trained more than 1,200 executives, transcending all organizational levels in multinationals, including intact senior teams.

His incisive approach enables him to help his clients maximize their leadership impact on their organizations and goals. Philip’s ability to empower his clients — individuals or groups — in both a challenging and supportive role enables them to unlock their full potential as people who think and lead with clarity and vision, in tune with their own values and those of their organizations, to meet the evolving challenges of an uncertain, ever-changing and unpredictable world.

Philip holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hon) degree in business administration from the University of Pretoria. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and was trained and is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute in London and San Francisco. He is certified in group coaching with Potentials Realized and is certified in various 360° tools from Human Synergistics, Energy Leadership iPEC and The Leadership Circle (TLC). He is also a certified leadership trainer with The Leadership Circle.

Born in South Africa, Philip immigrated to Germany in 1992 and has subsequently been based in Frankfurt, London, Munich and Düsseldorf. He currently calls Berlin, Germany, his home.

Pablo is a consultant, facilitator, coach and keynote speaker with more than 20 years of experience in leadership development and effectiveness. He has worked with an important number of executives from organizations in Mexico, the United States, Spain, France, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, the Caribbean, Central America and the Southern Cone.

In his work, Pablo incorporates principles stemming from conversational competences, brain preferences, the discovery of talents, strengths and skills, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Immunity to Change, empathic listening, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and personal leadership. He combines the personal, team and organizational dimension to the work with his clients, based on his extensive experience in the field of leadership and effectiveness.

With certifications in time management, principles-based leadership, project management, strategic planning, constructive negotiation, executive coaching and different diagnostic tools, Pablo also integrates these disciplines in his program designs to customize them to the needs of each organization, aiming to understand them systemically and propose solutions that effectively impact business results.

As a mentor of other facilitators and coaches, in the last years, he has led different TTT programs in organizational talent development.

Pablo received a Master of Science and Ph.D. in physiology in Paris and a master’s degree in Latin American literature in Venezuela. He has published numerous papers for national and international scientific magazines.

In 1987, Pablo married his wife, Cristina, with whom he has since lived in Venezuela, France, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. They have one son, Pablo Javier, who is 25 years old.

Karen is an exceptionally creative learning and development professional who, with a wealth of experience and knowledge from both the commercial world and the arena of coaching and facilitation, helps people leap beyond what is known and safely navigate toward a new future.

Karen has extensive experience leading, designing and delivering programs, from global graduate and high-potential talent groups through to senior leaders. Most recently, she has been working with a global tech organization in the United States, creating and delivering a culture change and leadership development program for their top 2 percent of leaders worldwide. This included in-person workshops, individual and team coaching, and group webinars. She has also been leading a team of consultants in the design and delivery of a large global leadership development program (2,000+ participants in the last five years) for an international blue chip financial institution. More recently, she has developed and delivered Axialent’s first, purely online, transformational leadership program for another global blue chip organization.

Her 20+ years of experience at the “pointy end” of international business ensures Karen’s consulting, facilitation and coaching is always mindful of any cross-cultural aspects, incorporates the impact of the VUCA environment, and is aligned to the organization’s core values and behavioral competencies. She stays focused on delivering to the organization’s strategic needs — optimizing the link between mindsets, skills and behaviors, and the cultural shift needed for teams and leaders to be successful today and in the future.

Equally, due to her original fields being psychology and design, Karen brings great warmth, compassion and a sense of possibility to all her clients, helping teams and leaders reach strategic alignment and effectiveness while maintaining an atmosphere of well-being.

Karen has been directly involved in the world of learning and development since 2005, working with organizations to create high-potential development programs and leadership initiatives, and facilitating teams to become highly effective. She has a passion for creativity, innovation and accelerated learning. She is a firm believer that people are more able to learn and change when the learning experience is perceived as enjoyable and safe. She is accredited in Hogan Psychometrics and Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and is also a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and an accredited coach.

Over her career, Karen’s clients have included blue-chip organizations such as PWC, GE Capital, Sun Microsystems, HSBC, Barclays, UBS, RBS, Scottish Power, Viking Cruises, housing associations, Fiat/CNHI, DLP Piper HBOS, Jaguar Landrover, the Pentland Group, Cisco, Bosch Siemens and Microsoft as well as SME, public sector and individuals. She works at all levels from graduate and fast-track development through to executive level.

Elena has 13 years of experience in consulting and over eight years in leadership development. She provides leadership skills, coaching, communication, conflict management and negotiation training to executives and middle management of large companies.

For years, she has been working as an external coach for different companies and has also been a pioneer in playing the role of an organization’s internal coach. She developed her career in prestigious firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, makeateam and Nycomed Pharma. She is well aware of the training and talent development needs and trends of the pharmaceutical industry. For several years, she has designed and implemented scientific training solutions and skills for a commercial laboratory network.

Elena has a degree in law from the University of Valencia and a Master in Legal Business degree from the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid). She has completed the executive program in human resource studies at the Center Garrigues (Madrid). In addition, she is certified as a professional coach by the European School of Coaching and certified as an associate certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also teaches at several business schools in Spain. She has led and launched a major skills development project for more than 1,000 students at a University in Madrid.

She is fond of analog and digital photography and enjoys making photographic getaways to portray the world through her lens.

Ekkehard is a global citizen with deep leadership experience across a wide range of roles (CEO, investor, entrepreneur, consultant, board member), industries (services, fast-moving consumer goods, media, financial institutions), countries (Germany, Spain, France, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland) and companies (Axialent, Adecco Human Capital, Lee Hecht Harrison, Jacobs Holdings, 20 Minutes Holding, McKinsey & Company).

In his mid-forties, he recognized that he had put a lot of professional energy on the “hard stuff” (strategies, structures, numbers), and he experienced the need and the opportunity to integrate additional key drivers for success — namely, balanced relationships and cultures as well as self-actualization and purpose.

For this purpose, Ekkehard founded Sum People. Today he is helping CEOs, top executives and their teams integrate the three dimensions: It (goals, tasks), We (relationships) and I (self).

Ekkehard is also the founder of Mountain Wisdom, a Swiss foundation that takes CEOs to the mountains to explore the fundamental questions in life.

“During my corporate career, I was focused on solving problems. This is what I had learned and what I was good at. Later in my career, I asked, ‘how did I contribute to these problems?’ I recognized that my executive task focus did limit my ability to productively relate with colleagues and partners (and actually my family), and it did not allow me to explore who I was and what I really wanted to do with my life.

“I am still very passionate about business, I love strategy and high performance. Today, I am convinced that in order to achieve sustainable success, we have to apply the same standards of excellence to the human dimension.

“The corporate world is full of task-oriented, hard-working and ambitious executives. I want to work with those who are curious and open to integrate the We — and the I — dimensions at the service of a better It (results, performance). It is my purpose to help executives take their heart to work.”

Ekkehard holds an engineering degree from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, a postgraduate degree in international management from the Université Paris Dauphine, and a doctorate degree in economics from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Ekkehard lives in Switzerland with his wife and two children.

For more than 25 years, Carlos held the positions of managing director and chief executive officer at diverse family enterprises, having the opportunity to meet all sorts of challenges and specific issues related to family businesses. He currently serves on the board of directors of some family-owned companies.

During 2009 and 2010, Carlos was president of AEI CONTRACT, an innovative group of economic interest consisting of 20 companies. They jointly participated in projects related to construction, interior design and decoration.

Along with other Asturian entrepreneurs, he prompted the creation of the Asturian Association of Family Enterprise, and he was a member of the first board of directors for a period of four years.

Carlos has studied engineering and has a degree in systems management. He has also studied sociology at the UNED and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from IEDE. He also participated in the leadership and management of International Trade course dictated by EUROFORUM El Escorial.

Carlos lives in Asturias, Spain. He is married and has two children. In his spare time, he enjoys his family, friends, traveling and playing sports, especially tennis.

Bernhard has more than 16 years of professional experience in one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods corporations. Having worked in different countries across Europe, he has management and leadership experience in the consumer goods and chemical industries, working with multinational/multiethnic teams. Most of his current clients are in the pharmaceutical, aerospace, fast-moving consumer goods and oil industries. After 16 years of corporate life, he decided to become an independent coach in early 2005.

In 2008, he joined Axialent as a freelancer for coaching, facilitation and training. In these years, he has been serving clients in different countries across Europe, delivering leadership programs in English and German. Over the years, he was also heavily involved in designing and customizing programs for Axialent clients.

In the globalization of businesses, he recognized great opportunities to support leaders through programs that are based on blended learning and deliver key elements live through virtual platforms such as WebEx training center or Adobe Connect.

Bernhard has worked as a coach and facilitator for multinational organizations such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Liebherr Aerospace, Airbus, Sanofi, Merz Pharma and Fresenius Kabi, among others.

The main focus of his work is individual and group coaching either in person or through virtual platforms. He is very committed to high standards of coaching, thus he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential of the International Coach Federation (ICF). In his passion for professionalism in coaching, he supported the ICF over many years through voluntary work. Between October 2010 and October 2014, he was the president of ICF Germany.

Outside work, Bernhard spends time supporting the local community through volunteer work as well as working for the integration of refugees in Germany.

Anabel has over 20 years of experience in the field of human capital consulting. Her focus has always been on the human aspects of business transformation and how they foster or hinder effective execution of a company’s strategy. She has worked primarily with multinationals from a variety of sectors, ranging from Technology, Pharma, Chemical to Financial Services and FMCG.

Prior to joining Axialent, Anabel was director of compensation and talent consulting at Aon Hewitt Spain. She joined the former Hewitt Associates in 2004 after contributing for seven years as a management training consultant at Ernst & Young. Alongside her generalist human resources consulting experience, she project managed human resources due diligence and post-merger integration projects for more than 20 corporate transactions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Currently she is Partner at Axialent, and in this role she manages the end-to-end relationship with some of our largest clients and ensures we seamlessly deliver on our promises when a company engages our services.

Anabel holds a double degree in law and business economics from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE E-3), Spain.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Anabel has working experience in Europe, Latin America and China. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Besides her work, she is passionate about creating handmade greeting cards for family and friends.

Albert Durig is a seasoned management consulting professional specializing in executive leadership development, cultural change management and strategic planning. Over the past two decades, he has worked with numerous leadership teams and developed long-term visions and short-term execution programming with senior-level leadership teams.

In the past, Albert held positions as president of United States operations for Axialent as well as chairman of Burson-Marsteller’s technology practice for both Latin America and the United States, director of Mexican operations for Retail Planning Associates, and general manager of L.I.A. Limited’s Caribbean operations.

Albert has published numerous articles in several countries, including the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. His publishing and public speaking endeavors have focused on corporate communications, leadership in times of change and business agility.

Some other companies Albert has worked with include Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Motorola, VISA, Glidden, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), LAN, TAM, UNFPA, Hewlett-Packard, NCR, Sun Microsystems, SAP, Qualcomm, Comercial Mexicana, Banco Mexicano, BanPais, Banco Internacional, Banco del Sureste, Playtex, the Mexican Ministry of Culture, the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, the National Museum of American Art, a Smithsonian Institution, and the National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property.

Albert received his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and his Master of Arts degree in sociology with an emphasis in statistics and research methodology from the University of Louisville. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Today, Albert lives with his wife and two children in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Founding Partner of Axialent, Richi is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in global organizations and extensive experience in leadership development, organizational effectiveness and the corporate world.

During his tenure with Axialent, Richi worked with senior leaders and their teams, coaching and facilitating processes that helped these teams significantly improve their own and their organizations’ performance. He is also a culture expert and helps clients develop the behaviors, symbols and systems required to accomplish the desired business strategies.

Richi made career strides during his years of work for EDS, a global IT services enterprise. As a senior vice president for human resources in Latin America, he led a culture transformation effort for the top leaders, personally coaching and mentoring the senior executives of the region. The sales growth and total contract value increase were outstanding, and EDS Latin America became an icon of success in EDS global.

After earning a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, Richi participated in IDEA’s Executive Business Program, an experience that enriched his practical skills in conscious business philosophy related to coaching, teaching and facilitation.

Richi is an intense sportsman and has participated in several international marathons, holding three 05’ mark in the 26.2 miles. Among his many outdoor activities, Richi also runs adventure races and eco-challenges in teams, experiencing teamwork to the maximum. One of his accomplishments in outdoor sports has been summiting Aconcagua. Richi works at integrating the physical, cognitive and spiritual realms into a successful and balanced life.

He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his wife and daughter. He has three older boys living in Europe and Argentina.