Aligned Teams

Supporting teams for sustained peak performance

Axialent helps leadership and critical teams to drive business performance improvement, providing a sense of their purpose as a team and their contribution to the business. We uniquely combine work on structure and business acumen and behavior and culture in our work with teams.

However, aligning workforce attitudes and behaviors with business goals — especially in global companies — often requires a deeper shift. The most effective way to achieve this culture shift is by building conscious leaders.

Our key tenets for senior leadership teams:

  • Business objectives drive the optimal structure (teams, subteams) and process (meetings,  roles) of leadership teams. Leadership teams don’t always need to be teaming more;  sometimes they should be teaming less and/or more effectively. The key is to make  disciplined choices about when and how to work together.
  • Efforts to improve team effectiveness should be anchored to an actual business  performance challenge(s).
  • Teaming improvements come from reviewing and adapting not just the team’s structure and  process but also its culture — as determined by the behaviors and the underlying mindsets  of its members.

Team Diagnostic

Through interviews and a quantitative assessment, we produce a team assessment report with recommendations to improve performance.

Skill Building

We conduct skill-building workshops specific to the team’s key issues as per diagnostic recommendations. The workshops are complemented with individual development sessions and team activities like meeting facilitation.

Individual Development

Leaders learn how their mindsets impact the way they behave and lead. More effective mental models are explored and skills developed. Leaders feel empowered as they focus on their ability to respond rather than on external variables. They reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose as they find ways to express their values in business-effective ways. They learn how to elicit the best in their teams and employees, creating genuine engagement and leading to a superior performance.

Meeting Facilitation

We help teams ensure that:

  • There is clarity on the meeting purpose and  expected outcomes. What are we here for?
  • Materials are prepared and reviewed in advance to  maximize productivity of the meeting.
  • They follow a disciplined process of divergence  (discover ideas and approaches), convergence  (discuss and narrow down the number of options),  decision (achieve consensus), and commitment (next  steps and follow-up processes).
  • They assess trade-offs, challenge discrepancies and  move through deadlocks. Undiscussables (the  “issues under the table”) are surfaced and dealt with  in a way that furthers the task and strengthens trust. • Attendees leave the meeting with clarity on what  was decided, what remains open, and who  committed to do what by when.
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