Strategic Alignment

Synchronize your people and teams.

Maximizing execution begins with strategic alignment. Today’s “New Normal” requires more speed and agility than ever before. Aligning your organization behind strategies and goals is not enough. As no one works alone, synchronizing interdependencies and agreements between people and teams is essential to successful strategy execution. We know the right questions to ask that help your team plan winning strategies. We know how to align different people and teams behind that strategy.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • The strategy is not clear to all employees.
  • Dependencies between people and teams are not clear or planned for.
  • People and teams play the “Blame Game”.
  • There is lack of stakeholder engagement and leadership support for key initiatives.
  • You have unclear governance and decision making structures.
  • There is poor communication of strategy and objectives.

Axialent has a proprietary strategy planning method that aligns and synchronizes your people and teams, and effectively addresses the issues above.


How we do it

We follow a rigorous and well-proven strategic alignment methodology whereby we make sure you utilize the right market information and secondary research to derive implications for your business.

  • We facilitate your team’s development of strategy and goals.
  • We train your people and teams in the essential mindsets required for creating great strategy.
  • We design your first two-day leadership planning meeting wherein key strategies and objectives are defined.
  • We design and facilitate the involvement of second and third level teams in aligning their division and function plans to strategy and objectives.
  • We identify key interdependencies between teams and design and facilitate the meetings wherein they synchronize their needs from one another to facilitate execution.
What we do
Axialent is the global leader in culture transformation. We help multinational organizations drive sustainable business results by creating effective behavioral change in people throughout departments, across languages and around the world. We transform culture
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