Bill Withers

Advisory Board

Bill is the founder of acQuire Technology Solutions (acQuire) and ADAPT by Design (ADAPT). He was trained as a software engineer with a bias to solving engineering and scientific problems. The acQuire project was founded in 1996, and Bill handed over the role of managing director (chairman) in 2014. acQuire develops and supports geoscientific information management (GIM) technology.

ADAPT was founded in 2012 and has been formed from the process of building acQuire, and Bill is the entrepreneurial leader of ADAPT. ADAPT was established to provide capability support to entrepreneurs (and company leaders) and is focused on organizational resilience so that long-term strategies can be delivered to benefit all stakeholders.

ADAPT and acQuire are owned by the employees of ADAPT and acQuire via a holding company called Metech Holdings. Bill is also the chairman of this company.

Bill is on the board of Conscious Capitalism Australia.

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