Bray Cohen


Bray has worked for 20 years as a consultant, coach and facilitator. He draws upon a broad and deep base of training, knowledge and experience. His key quality is that he is able to integrate and balance the people issues with the hardcore business objectives. The result is that he is able to implement change, maximize effectiveness and build productivity.

Bray has partnered with a diverse range of major organizations, with the financial sector being a particular focus since he was part of the cultural transformation team-building constructive culture at ANZ—the process being heralded as innovative and is what formed the basis of a Harvard University case study. He has continued that focus in working with NAB, Esanda Finance, Mercer Superannuation, Wesfarmers Insurance and Coles in significant cultural processes and leadership development, working with the senior executive teams in Australia, India, New Zealand and Asia.

Bray fine-tuned his strategic and business acumen in his early career working as a retail pharmacist, owning and running a number of pharmacies in and around Melbourne, Australia. He has also been director of a successful consulting company.

Bray partners with Axialent and continues to demonstrate his passion and expertise in working with leadership, team functionality, values alignment and delivery on client organizations’ key objectives — recent projects being with St. Vincent’s Health Australia, Mission Australia and Insurance Group Australia, and Toll Transport.

With a desire to keep at the edge of learning and growth, Bray continues to add to his postgraduate qualifications in adult learning and training, organizational change, behavior and team dynamics, systems thinking and others. He is a recent graduate of John F. Kennedy School at Harvard, where he focused on the leadership that is required to mobilize successful, large-scale complex change and individual immunity to change.

Bray lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his family and spends time maintaining his energy by going to the gym, yoga and bushwalking.

  1. English
Areas of Expertise
  1. Leadership development
  2. Team functionality
  3. Executive coaching
  4. Cultural transformation
  5. Systems thinking