Cathy Glass

CCO (Chief Culture Officer)

Cathy leads our global culture practice. She has a passion for identifying what a company can do to build a performance-enhancing culture and helping them bring it to life in practical ways that make it stick.

Her current work includes a five-year project with a leading pharmaceutical company building a culture of innovation and in Australia guiding a global insurance company on cultural integration post merger.

For more than 20 years, Cathy has worked in Australia, Europe, the United States and South America with companies (most with global footprints) including mining and exploration, banking and finance, education, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

Through these practical experiences, Cathy gained an understanding of people and what drives human behavior at work, enhanced as well by her earlier work as a psychologist, social researcher and complemented by her practical experience as a senior executive at the University of Sydney.

A psychologist with honors in behavioral sciences from Aston University in the United Kingdom, and postgraduate qualifications in psychotherapeutic counseling, Cathy is fascinated by what new science tells us about organizational and personal development. She enthusiastically leads seminars on this topic at the CIPD management conferences in London and at the University of Lancaster Management School.

Cathy spent 20 years living in Australia and currently lives in the United Kingdom. She loves yoga and the Rolling Stones.

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  1. Linking culture, business performance, and behavior
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  3. Culture development planning and advice
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