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David Kallas


David has more than 10 years of experience in consulting. Since 1998, he has served as a consultant in strategy management, business process redesign and balanced scorecard.

In 2005, he made a career change and decided to start his own company and enhance his teaching activities. He created KC&D, a consulting and education company, which has been experiencing high growth rates even during the 2008 – 2009 crisis.

David is a Ph.D. in strategy by FGV-EAESP and has a master’s degree in administration from the University of São Paulo, with specialization at the University of Stockholm. He is also a professor of Insper, FGV, FDC, HSM Education and executive director of Anefac, National Association of Executives in finance, administration and accounting.

He is author and co-organizer of the book “Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons of Brazilian Companies” (Elsevier, 2005) and co-author of the book “Executive MBA” (Scott, 2008).

David currently lives in Brazil. He enjoys spending free time with his family and friends, playing football and running.

Recent Posts by David
Are Your People Undermining Your Strategy (Execution)?
By Timothy AltafferDavid Kallas
Ask most CEOs what keeps them up at night. They are sure to reply, “Strategy execution!” The effective execution of an approved strategy is probably one of the toughest challenges for any company. In fact, a recent HBR survey found that executional excellence was the number one challenge for CEOs, and 66 – 75 percent of large organizations are ineffective in implementing their strategies.
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Areas of Expertise
  1. Conscious leadership
  2. Strategy and strategic management
  3. Balanced scorecard
  4. Redesign of business processes