Shawn Chung


Shawn has been a full-time organizational development consultant, professional meeting facilitator and leadership development trainer since 2002, and a coach since 2007. He has a great deal of experience in designing and facilitating workshops to help clients develop their organizations and leadership. Besides being a facilitator, he is a facilitators’ trainer, helping other facilitators develop their skills. He is also devoted to the promotion of facilitation and has co-translated and published four books on this topic. Plus, he also runs a monthly facilitators’ forum in Taiwan.

He is a certified professional facilitator by International Association of Facilitators (IAF), a Certified Technology of Participation® Facilitator (CToPF), and certified trainer of ToP Facilitators by Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). He is also a Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC) by World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) and a certified DiSC trainer by Persolog.

Shawn has been working with clients in various industries including high-tech manufacturing, finance, pharmaceutical, internet and software, media, mobile, wholesale and retail, fast-moving consumer goods, among others. He also works periodically with some NPOs to contribute to society.

In his leisure time, Shawn likes reading articles and watching interesting videos on YouTube. He is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and works in greater China. He lives with his wife, Laura, and their cat, Orange.

  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. Taiwanese
Areas of Expertise
  1. Leadership development
  2. Organizational development
  3. Culture and organizational change
  4. Executive coaching
  5. Participatory workshop design
  6. Action learning coaching
  7. Life coaching