Tech Giant Culture Transformation Success Story: developing a practical, high-impact culture change to align individual behaviors with core mission and values and create a true community.​

Cultural TransformationLeadership Mindset

The Challenge

Multinational tech company that empowers users to develop community through their services, with a presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific, and a diverse workforce of more than 80,000 global employees. By 2017, however, increasing external (societal and political) pressure, along with the company’s high-pressure internal culture focused on performance metrics caused collaboration among teams and sense of purpose to fall to record lows, and stress and Imposter Syndrome to rise to record highs. ​

They also needed help with three key issues:​

  1. Shifting culture from a defensive style to a constructive style​
  2. Creating an environment of sustainable effectiveness, collaboration, recognition, and inspiration among leaders and their teams. ​
  3. Realigning individuals with the company mission and core values (build social value, move fast, be bold, be open, and focus on impact) and transforming managers into truly inspirational leaders​

Our Approach

A 4-year, two-phase Culture Transformation Journey to leverage technical and adaptive learning, prepare individuals for future change, increase their ability to respond to challenges, and build trust and solidarity among teams​.

With the support of the Executive team, we designed a 2017-2020 Culture Transformation Journey in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico to drive behavior and mindset shifts, involving all levels of the organization, from directors to individual contributors. We also supported culture and team dynamics in Germany, Colombia, Asia Pacific, and Canada.​

Through the Culture Transformation Journey, we helped our client: ​

  • Move from limiting (Knower/Victim) to enabling (Learner/Protagonist) mindsets and behaviors​
  • Break silos through authentic communication and impeccable coordination skills​
  • Embody and implement a diversity policy to leverage the organization’s creativity​
  • Increase accountability across the business through impeccable coordination​
  • Drive customer centricity by creating impeccable, high integrity client services standards ​

Modeling Success for Sustainable Change

We utilized Axialent’s Conscious Business methodology and frameworks to help leaders model the desired culture and ensure successful knowledge transfer to employees through cascading.  This ensured mindsets where instilled and practiced as part of employees’ day-to-day routines and interactions. ​

Key program elements included: ​

  • 60 workshops ​
  • Individual leadership style assessments (LSI 1& 2), LSI 360° debriefs​
  • Trio conversations (Coachee, Coach, Team Leader) ​
  • Individual development through 1:1 application coaching​
  • Collective development through group coaching sessions for team members​
  • Observation and facilitation of team meetings to improve structure and behavior of typical team meetings​
  • Team performance assessment (LSITM composite, Axialent’s High Performance Team survey) ​
  • Weekly “office hours” to discuss on-the-job implications as well as provide further guidance and support after key interventions​

Our Impact

The successful transfer of the Conscious Business concepts into the organization has helped our client deepen mindset levels, ensuring that effective escalation, crucial conversations, and impeccable coordination are transformed into daily habits and delivering outcomes such as:​

  • Bringing teams together to create an Ownership Culture​
  • Increasing and sustaining strong GSO business results and high Pulse engagement scores ​
  • Continuing regional alignment journey and CP’s and SM’s integration​
  • Focusing on Impeccable Coordination as a lever for better business results ​

We also addressed the issues of “sense of entitlement”, Organizational Culture differences perceived between global, Latin America, and Mexico, and helped people connect with the joy and gratitude of working there. ​

Cultural Transformation allowed Tech Giant to recalibrate the way they approach work, creating habits out of best practices and improving trust, transparency, and collaboration.​