Innovation Mindset

Move from ”innovation theater” to impactful and sustainable innovation

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Having a hard time getting the wheels of innovation going?

You have started to implement innovation and digitalization strategies, but the results are not as impressive as they should be. There’s a lot of innovation “talking,” but the old practices and bureaucracies are slowing the progress down. Let’s find and remove these sticks from the wheels of innovation.

Stuck in the “valley of death”?

Maybe you’ve been doing innovation for a while, but your competitors are still doing significantly better than you. This means that some people are slowing you down… or maybe it’s you.

No, it’s not a case of bad intentions. They know they need to do innovation, but it’s not yet a part of their being. Their mental toolkit is lacking. Let’s change it.

Innovation is a complex challenge

Why would the Innovation Mindset approach work?

We don’t focus on innovation practices but on innovation practitioners. We find the key people in organizations who influence the speed of innovation practices. We uncover the unconscious gaps in their mindsets that affect people’s communication and behavior – gaps that reduce the speed and quality of innovation.

Once conscious of those attitudes, people become very receptive to the set of mental and practical tools we provide. From that point on, their transformation into innovation facilitators is inevitable.

The process of creating a network of facilitators

* Your specific process will be tailored to your needs



We’ll start by conducting a wide range of interviews in order to uncover the cultural obstacles to innovation. This will help us see who are the key people for facilitating innovation.


Mindset gaps

We’ll assess individual leaders to find gaps and limitations in their mindsets and practices. We will then provide them with personal feedback and coaching as they deal with their innovation-related tasks.


Practical tools

We will focus on testing and iterations as the main tools for implementing innovation practices. We will guide leaders through those processes, focusing on removing specific obstacles such as perfectionist attitudes.


Sustainable Change

Leader who embrace the Innovation Mindset toolset use it to become innovation facilitators for their teams. They are expected to show a drastic increase in the efficiency of their innovation processes and to report higher employee satisfaction.

Is our Innovation Mindset solution for you?

For you

  • You all talk about innovation but still work in silos, use long decision-making processes, and drown in office politics.
  • You are willing to commit to a serious process and to make drastic changes, including in your own behavior.

Not for you

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