About us

Axialent was established in 2002 by Fred Kofman, a Berkeley professor who singlehandedly started the Conscious Business revolution. Richi Gil, Fran Cherny, and Andy Freire joined Fred under a common goal of exposing everything that is wrong in corporate cultures and dealing with these challenges head-on. This thinking is still the core driver behind Axialent’s work.

During the last two decades, Axialent has worked with hundreds of large companies across the globe. We’ve developed innovative solutions that go beyond culture and optimized old ones, always striving to evolve and to be the first to embrace emerging methodologies, practices and technology.

We work with organizations from all industries, from consumer goods companies such as Procter & Gamble, to large tech startups such as Mercado Libre, and from financial service companies such as BBVA to pharmaceuticals such as Astrazeneca. But there’s one thing that is common to all of our clients: they are committed to leaving the corporate bu#$hit behind.

Our team

Axialent is built to walk the talk – it’s a flat organization made up of hundreds of top consultants. These are unique individuals with a wide range of skills that use every tool available in order to create meaningful transformations.

We are too many to be featured on a website, so these are some of the people that might support you in your journey.


people in the Axialent community




members of the global operations team


languages in which we work

Oseas Ramírez
CEO Managing Director
Anabel Dumlao
Constanza Busto
Thierry de Beyssac
Richi Gil
Founding Partner
Teryluz Andreu
José Suárez Arias-Cachero
Board Member and Strategic Partner
Carlos Vighenzoni​
Carlos Agustín Moreno
Chief Growth Officer
Márcio Marcos
Associate Partner
Pia Riccombeni
Associate Partner

Advisory Board

Lisa Lahey
Advisory Board
Rajendra S. Sisodia
Advisory Board
Nithya Shanti
Advisory Board
Shauna Shapiro
Advisory Board

Expert Partners

Álvaro Férnandez
Expert Partner
Lisa Neuberger
Expert Partner
Borja Baturone Blanc​
Expert Partner
Paloma Beamonte​
Expert Partner
Mirea Raaijmakers
Expert Partner
Alex Caudet
Expert Partner

Senior Advisors

Erika Reyes
Senior Advisor
Luciano Bray
Senior Advisor

Want to join our team?

We’re always scouting the globe for smart, enthusiastic talent aligned with our mission. If you’d like to submit your resume, please complete the form below.