José Suárez Arias-Cachero

CEO Managing Director

José Suárez is managing director for Axialent Consulting. With almost 30 years of experience in general management and administration, José has worked in both the private and public sectors. During the majority of his career, he worked in the corporate world. As a consultant, he concentrates on strategy, management and business development.

Until the beginning of 2011, José was city councilor of Oviedo, the Principality of Asturias, Spain. Apart from being in charge of the departments of culture, sports and youth, he was also the president of the Festival Society of Oviedo, which organizes different events in the city. Additionally, he was vice president of the Asturian Fine Arts Museum and of the Campoamor Theater Foundation. Today, he still serves as a member of the General Board of CajAstur/LiberBank, Asturias’ leading bank.

Until his induction as the city councilor, José was general director of international business development at the Inmark Group and a member of the company’s advisory board, leading projects in both Europe and Latin America. Before that, he was corporate general director of Makeateam, a Spanish consulting firm dedicated to executive training that was acquired by Inmark Group in 2005. Previously, José served as a director at Ernst & Young across Spain and Latin America. In this role, he oversaw the areas of strategic consulting, human resources and change management in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

José holds a degree in geography and history from the University of Oviedo and a Master of Business Administration degree from the IEDE, Institute for Executive Development. In addition, he has taken courses on topics such as management, marketing, service strategy, competitive leadership, and strategy and implementation at the London School of Economics, the Disney Institute and the University of California-Berkeley, among other institutions.

Besides his other activities, José has contributed to the media since 1993. He also received the Great Cross of Humanitarian Merit in Barcelona in 2010.

Residing in Asturias, Spain, José has also lived in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. He is married, has two children, and enjoys reading and going on walks.

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