Partnership: Axialent & Atma Prema in the Philippines

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to facilitate such a productive workshop.

The event kicked off with a memorable evening of connection and conversation. We hosted an event featuring a dinner-cocktail with 75 guests present, and the atmosphere was electric.

During the event, Lia Bernardo, Founding Partner at Atma  Prema, delivered an impactful speech on the company, setting the stage for the evening. After that, Anabel Dumlao shared her story about how her path lead her to work with us at Axialent, and Jose Suarez Arias-Cachero elaborated on Conscious Capitalism. Following the speeches, we got to have meaningful dialogue and connections with our guests.

Together, we’ve embarked on a journey towards conscious leadership, and we’re excited for the transformative impact it will have. Here’s to many more meaningful collaborations and moments of growth!

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