Cultural Transformation

Organization-wide program for companies that are ready to cleanse their cultures of bu#$hit

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Tackling the human challenge

Let’s say you have a business problem, or a will to push a major project forward, or take a vision and turn it into reality. But things aren’t moving smoothly – people aren’t cooperating well, aren’t communicating efficiently, and aren’t delivering results.

…in a humane way

Of course you can get angry, you can push them harder, give inspirational speeches… but this is rarely going to work. Those are cultural problems, and “culture eats business for breakfast”.

The vast majority of people are good in nature and they don’t want to be an obstacle to progress. This is why approaching them with empathy is essential for a successful cultural transformation.

Culture is such a big challenge.

Why would Axialent’s approach work where others fail?

There is no magic, but there are two key aspects in our approach that make it especially effective and efficient:

By bringing a conscious awareness of counterproductive mindsets, norms, and behaviors, and naming them so they are impossible to hide.

By providing a set of alternative mindsets, behaviors, and communication tools so that companies can create new norms that are easy to learn and follow.

Our process

It all starts with data and clear goals


Culture diagnostic

We tailor our programs for each organization. This is why our project will start with a culture evaluation research that will uncover your unique challenges.
We will then analyze the gap between your existing culture and the ideal one and set cultural goals.


Starting from the top

Your senior leaders are responsible for the culture. They are the cultural role models, and cultural change starts with them. We will observe and facilitate their meetings. We will test their individual management styles and challenge their mindsets in one-on-one coaching sessions.


Tailored approach to specific teams

After agreeing on a culture development plan, we will start working with individual teams and ambassadors on specific goals. Those goals can vary widely, from innovation and agility to planning and performance.


Testing and iteration

Flexibility is the key to our approach; this is why we will constantly test the progress and switch methodologies when needed. We offer workshops, coaching, e-learning and more – everything needed to ensure sustainable change.

Is our Cultural Transformation solution right for you?

For you

  • You know you need to make drastic changes in the organization if you want your business to prosper.
  • You hear many blame games, and you see things like bureaucracy, lack of sincerity and authenticity, in-office politics, and silos.
  • You admit you have a serious cultural problem in the organization.
  • The CEO agrees and is ready to commit to it on a strategic level.

Not for you

  • You expect a quick fix.
  • You aren’t ready to critically look inside and review your own management style.
  • One of the statements on the left doesn’t apply to you.

Our impact: real challenges and real solutions