Axialent is the global leader in culture transformation. We help multinational organizations drive sustainable business results by creating effective behavioral change in people throughout departments, across languages and around the world.
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Conscious Business Inside

In today’s new “normal”, we find ourselves more and more in need of tools to manage disruption, change and uncertainty, and to help our people navigate the VUCA around them. The increasingly fast pace of change can be overwhelming.


There really isn’t much of a dilemma to innovate or not. Companies must be innovative to face a turbulent present and an uncertain future. But how do you transform a siloed bureaucracy into a fast, collaborative team of innovators with a shared purpose?

Execution Excellence

Speed and agility are required now more than ever. Alignment in execution is vital to achieve impeccability and enable it to go fast while navigating the VUCA.
what our clients are saying
Following the Axialent program, I clearly understood the task I faced to transform the culture within the business I was responsible for. After listening to hundreds of employees, we created our core values that accelerated our performance to change the culture. We saw better team engagement, happier staff, better turnover and significant improvement of our results.
Managing Director, Groupe PSA
what our clients are saying
Over the past two years, we’ve been working on a culture transformation project with Axialent. The last 24 months have been the most successful in the history of Mercado Libre. I am certain that working on our culture has been one of the key factors of this recent success.
CFO, Mercado Libre
what our clients are saying
Working with Axialent has allowed us like never before to increase our ability to take responsibility and create a culture of achievement and cross-collaboration at every level in our organization. Axialent's unique approach to having people work with themselves, each other and on key projects with full engagement has been of invaluable help to our organization.
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

How we make a difference

Financial Services
From doing Agile to being Agile
A bank ranked among the top 5 largest in Europe and among the 10 leading banks in South America, present in 11 countries with over 130,000 employees, had a clear strategic vision, but realized that they needed to accelerate the execution of their digital strategy (digital channels growing 2 to 3 times slower than competitors)...
From misaligned to globally synchronized
In order to increase its competitiveness in the market, a leading software multinational company initiated a major restructuring from a geography-based structure to a complex, three-dimensional matrix organization.
Our latest insights
Podcast RADICL: Conscious Business and Culture Change
By Anabel DumlaoTeryluz Andreu
Axialent's Anabel Dumlao and Teryluz Andreu join Dan and Patrick Riley on the RADICL READY LIVE! podcast to discuss Conscious Business, culture change, and how the two come together. 
Getting Nuts with Innovation: Embedding Innovation in Your Organization
By Nelson Granja
Embedding innovation into an organization requires collaboration and asking for help. It's not a job that can be done alone.
Balance Between Agility and Inclusion
Leading Inclusively: The Balance Between Agility and Inclusion
By Teryluz Andreu
We expect leaders to move quickly and decisively, demonstrating agility when responding to challenging situations and emerging opportunities. At the same time, they are expected to foster a culture where every person feels valued, included, and connected. How can we manage the balance between agility and inclusion?
inclusive team culture
Can Meetings Drive a More Inclusive Team Culture?
By Teryluz Andreu
It's true that high levels of inclusion are necessary for diversity practices to positively impact and develop trust in groups, but an inclusive team culture is generated by everyday interactions. Any one of us can experience the benefits of inclusion and the detriments of exclusion at any time.
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