Healing Mindset

Learn to rebound from emotional hardships by adopting a self-healing perspective and tools

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Everybody's problem

Most of us, throughout our lives, will experience periods of high stress, increased anxiety, grief, and other forms of distress. Zurich Insurance Group research has shown that 45% of us felt adverse effects on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and 70% felt this period was the most stressful of their careers.
It’s time we all learn to admit that “when I am not okay, that’s okay.”

Mental health is great for business

An MIT Sloan review has shown that adopting wellness initiatives allow companies to improve employee loyalty by 79%, helping to retain top talent while saving time, money, and resources needed for new hires. McKinsey’s research has shown a positive ROI of 4.25 for every dollar invested in bolstering employee mental health. Harvard Business Review has shown that this decline in general and workplace wellbeing also has a serious impact on productivity and the bottom line.

Why would Axialent’s approach work where others fail?

While therapy and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can be great tools for people with mental health problems, the best solution is always prevention.
Healing Mindset is here to help people before their mental health challenges escalate, by providing a toolbox and an ideal setting to deal with them effectively. This supportive and empathetic environment turns these difficult issues into a self-improvement project people can actually enjoy.
The program is based on proven psychological best practices and covered by three layers of support: personal support of our coaches, group support of other participants, and online tools.


Our process

It all starts with embracing our humanity


Re-learning personal wellness

We start our work by breaking apart the preconceived notions about mental health. To do so, we lead webinars and experiential workshops and provide online tools that include frameworks, ideas, and a new language.


Experiencing embrace

Our mental wellbeing is always connected to our relationships with other people.
At this stage, our professional and experienced coaches invite participants to learn the benefits of vulnerability and compassion within a warm embrace of group sessions .
Those sessions are accompanied by specific tools from the mental domain , such as mindfulness, and from the physical domain , such as breathwork.


Self-healing work

The interactive tools we provide through our online platform help people turn the theory they learn into everyday practice. Our easy-to-complete homework creates a sense of achievement that helps people to embrace the tools and gain the habit of pursuing mental wellness.


Teaching leaders responsibility

In this optional part of the program, we focus on managers, teaching them how to push people to be their best without risking burnout, how to detect emotional challenges, and how to support those.

Behind our wellness solutions

During the last 20 years, Axialent has worked with employees of top global companies on embracing the most productive and life-altering mindsets. For most of these years, Axialent focused solely on cultural transformation programs, but with time, we understood that there cannot be a significant change in cultures that aren’t taking care of their individuals’ wellbeing.

Healing Mindset is an adaptation of the “I am not okay and it’s okay” program that Oseas Ramírez Assad originally developed in 2020.

Is our Healing Mindset solution right for you?

For you

  • You truly want to create a positive change in your employees’ lives.
  • You know that the bottom line is not about pushing people harder and harder beyond their limits.

Not for you

  • You believe that people dealing with emotional hardships are weak.
  • You are not ready to explore the possibility that your management might contribute to employee burnout.
  • You are looking for a personal growth program. [Try this]
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