From crisis management to a culture of accountability and empowerment

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The challenge

After facing a major crisis due to a drastic fall in the market, Europe’s No. 2 carmaker, with approximately US$62+ billion in yearly sales and revenue and 170,000 employees worldwide, contacted Axialent. As a result of the aforementioned financial difficulties, the company had suffered downsizing and the closure of a historic plant, both of which were negatively impacting the morale of the management team and the company as a whole.

The company’s vision was to become “a great carmaker with cutting-edge efficiency and a preferred mobility services provider worldwide.” In order to embed this strategy into its working environment, the organization requested that Axialent:

  • Develop its managers to embrace a culture based on accountability and empowerment, whereby their leadership capabilities and customer-mindedness can be significantly enhanced.
  • Embark on an inspiring and engaging leadership style.

The path to this culture transformation would require:

  • Establishing an in-depth insight into the impact of senior leadership on the current culture.
  • Developing the senior team so it can leverage change by adopting new behaviors and mindsets in line with the targeted culture.
Axialent has partnered with us since some groundbreaking changes were required in our company. Our working relationship has successfully developed ever since. They have been a major contributor in raising managers’ awareness of their behaviors and their impact while inspiring them to change. With their clear understanding of our organizational and human challenges, Axialent has delivered customized programs that received an overwhelming response from the participants. As a number of subjects remain to be addressed, I believe their insightful support will be key to helping us meet tomorrow’s management challenges.
Head of the leadership academy.

The approach

Customized leadership programs were developed in order to focus on:

  • What leadership means for the company.
  • How to build a values-based leadership style.
  • Creating accountability within the organization.
  • Promoting integrity and commitment through communication.

The following programs have been launched:

  • Blended entry- and mid-level Conscious Business programs Team Manager and Manager Leader.
  • Leadership in Action: a two-day seminar with up to 150 participants from all management levels.
  • Advanced Executive Program”: a four-day immersion, 30 participants, senior management; self-leadership, culture, higher purpose, values, leading the organization.
  • Transformational Leadership in Latin Americaculture diagnostic, two-day workshops.
  • Consulting projects and programs for divisions to support in transformation projects (“Team Power”).


The impact

  • The Axialent Conscious Business programs have been rolled out not only in France but also in countries including Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom between 2013 and 2017.
  • A total of 220 workshops and seminars attended by more than 6,000 managers have been delivered.


What we heard from program participants

“I do not consider this program as a training but as a source of inspiration for my professional and personal life. It was excellent!”

“This is probably the beginning of a new journey — the journey inside of my deep ‘I’.”

“The consultants and the program were amazing and powerful. The group was very present and engaged.”

 “This has been the most powerful experience in my professional career. I leave the program with energy, confidence, excitement and optimism. How can you value all of this? This is PRICELESS!”

12 Countries, 220 Workshops and 6,000+ managers inspired and engaged