Leadership Mindset

Achieve better results by being a more conscious human

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The age of an a$$#ole leader is over

A wide body of research has proven that it’s not the tough, goal-focused, and ill-tempered leaders who lead successful teams.  Effective and cohesive leaders use compassion, consciousness, and inspiration instead of tyranny. Only leaders with constructive approaches can gain a true commitment from their team members.

The change begins with conscious awareness of both the internal and interpersonal aspects of leadership

One of the most common leaders’ blind spots is seeing previous success as an indicator for future success. They tend to see themselves as the sole sources of knowledge and have a hard time embracing new perspectives, learning, and evolving. However, flexibility is key to their ability to achieve business results.

This program helps leaders uncover their individual biases. It teaches them how to perceive the world and their co-workers in a more compassionate and mindful manner – all that is needed for mutual growth.

Why would Leadership Mindset bring better results than other leadership development programs?

We don’t focus on leaders’ actions but on their perceptions and how those influence their actions.
We don’t focus on how to communicate with others but on the ways to lead, internalize, and follow up difficult conversations.

We don’t focus on their business goals but on their level of commitment to business goals.

Creating a conscious awareness of your own biases is a one-way route – once you see things, you cannot unsee them.

By helping leaders be more mindful of their actions, and by giving them a set of mental tools, we create resilient leaders whose hearts and minds are aligned.

Our process:

It all starts with embracing our humanity


Finding the blind spots

Our process starts with a personal assessment test to evaluate different leadership traits and styles. This, together with personal interviews, allows us to build a unique self-improvement plan for each participant.


One-on-one coaching

Each leader receives a personal coach who works with them on surfacing and overcoming their unique challenges.



Leadership is all about the balance between personal, interpersonal, and business needs. This is why, in order to create a long-lasting change, we also lead team workshops and group coaching sessions.


Sustainable Change

Once people become conscious of the problematic aspects of their management style, receive tools for improvement, and introduce the new approach to their teams, they become committed to a new style and stick to it.

Is our Leadership Mindset solution for you?

For you

  • You have the will to grow as a person and not just as a manager.
  • You are willing to commit to a serious process and to make drastic changes, including in your own behavior.

Not for you

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