From misaligned to globally synchronized

Leadership Mindset


The challenge

In order to increase its competitiveness in the market, a leading software multinational company initiated a major restructuring from a geography-based structure to a complex, three-dimensional matrix of geographies, segments and product groups. This transformation shifted the levels of power within the organization and added greater complexity to decision-making, planning and execution across the organization. The management team needed to improve its operating efficiency and goal alignment, and create a culture of accountability in the context of cross-group dependencies.


The approach

  • A leadership team program was developed to rebuild the team’s trust and level of commitment in the midst of changing roles and shifts in the power structure.
  • The program taught conscious business skills across the organization to support the transformation needed.
  • A five-step planning process was designed for existing business cycles in order to minimize redundancies.
  • An Axialent consultant facilitated all key business meetings to ensure focus and accountability:
    • Leadership team meeting to set company goals.
    • Cascading to the next level: four-day planning meeting with business areas ensuring cross-collaboration.
    • Three-day meeting with more than 250 managers from the region to align on direction defined and share best practices.
    • Developed subsidiary planning kits to deploy a similar strategic alignment exercise in the five subsidiaries.
    • Worked with human resources to ensure goals and strategies were mapped to the existing commitment-setting process.
  • A performance tracking process was designed, which included a scorecard, staff meetings and connection points within the field.
Axialent has been a true partner in our efforts to build a conscious organization, helping us to move from aspiration to implementation. Axialent’s advice is never easy but always worthwhile
CEO Latam subsidiary


The impact

  • The region’s planning process has become a company best practice. The corporate COO recognized the Latam leadership team as “the company’s most aligned and focused worldwide.”
  • After the severe financial crisis in early 2000 in Latin America, the region has recovered and surpassed their historic revenue figures, growing 49.7 percent in four years.
  • The region achieved the highest score worldwide in the internal climate survey, and the cross-group collaboration indicator increased 1,200 basis points over two years.
  • Participants have consistently praised the increased accountability and focus the process has driven. Satisfaction and impact surveys throughout the process averaged at 9.3 out of 10.
  • The partnership with Axialent continues after four consecutive planning cycles.
  • The success in Latam has sparked a global partnership between Axialent and other global divisions such as Online Sales Business, the Global Field Operations and the Worldwide Partners Group, which manages one-third of the company’s overall revenue.
Best part? Process for getting from goals to strategies especially forcing people to narrow their lists.
Business Unit Manager
Alignment all the way! This has been great for the field to accelerate execution.
Product Manager

Creating a culture of cross-collaboration, achievement and customer-focus