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Knowing what to do is not enough

Research shows that 80% of us understand what to do in order to achieve personal wellbeing and self-improvement goals. Those goals range from physical goals, such as weight control, healthy eating, and physical fitness, through emotional goals, such as emotions management and stress reduction, to productivity goals, such as reduced procrastination and an increased sense of flow.

Yet 70% of us are failing to execute our vision and reach sustainable change.

No, it’s not about laziness or a lack of motivation

Most people assume that the reason they are unable to execute their personal goals is that they don’t possess enough discipline or willpower. The latest body of research shows that this is a very problematic perspective that perpetuates personal stagnation.
People fail because they participate in programs or start practices that don’t fit their needs and because unsuccessful processes crash their motivation.
This program creates the mindset of continuous exploration and self-improvement that embraces failure.

Why would Axialent’s approach work where others fail?

While other programs attempt to propose a single route to transformation – a route that might work for some people but fails for others – we teach people how to embrace all possible best practices.

While other programs don’t prepare people for failure, we teach people the mindset that strives from small failures and sees them as opportunities.

We help people:

to develop their personal growth strategy
to stick to the chosen strategy
to switch tactics when those don’t work
and, most importantly, to enjoy their personal growth journey.

Our process

It all starts with embracing our humanity


Re-learning personal growth

We start our work by breaking apart the preconceived notions of laziness, discipline, and willpower. We then teach the current behavioral science perspective on the aspects of change and growth.


Drinking from an endless well of growth strategies

Each of the following sessions is dedicated to a specific self-improvement pillar: physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and productivity. Sustainable growth demands solid foundations in all three of these interconnected pillars.
We teach participants to explore and find their own path between these dimensions.


Supporting the freshly adopted mindset

During this trial-and-error stage, we focus less on specific techniques (all of them are available for participants as an online asset) and more on adopting the explorer mindset, a mindset of playful exploration and experimentation. The participants work in groups with their fellow explorers, sharing insights and encouraging each other.


Building and launching the personal journey

The last few sessions include different personalized experiments that we encourage our participants to run. In the final part of the program, participants combine what they learn to kick off their grand journey of personal growth. They build the strategy, combine their favorite tools, track progress and, most importantly, do it with the mindset of continuous exploration.

Behind our wellness solutions

During the last 20 years, Axialent has worked with employees of top global companies on embracing the most productive and life-altering mindsets. For most of these years, Axialent focused solely on cultural transformation programs, but with time we understood that there cannot be a significant change in cultures that aren’t taking care of the wellbeing of their individuals.

Explorer Mindset is an adaptation of the “OptimalMe” program that Oseas Ramírez Assad originally developed in 2019.

Is our Explorer Mindset solution right for you?

For you

  • You truly want to create a positive change in your employees’ lives.
  • You know that it’s much more effective to let people grow the way they want to grow than to push them to the routes that fit you as a manager.

Not for you

  • You believe that employee wellbeing is the exclusive responsibility of the employees themselves.
  • You don’t believe that your team members’ personal growth is a key to their work productivity.
  • You are looking for a mental health program. [Try this]
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