From concepts to action: The Stein Cares Offsite Ignited a Collective Leap Towards their Desired Culture.

The challenge

Stein Cares, a pharmaceutical company with operations in several countries in Latin America, was experiencing unprecedented growth and faced the challenge of evolving its culture to be more agile and enable its expansion into new markets. Senior leaders recognized that the true driver of change was people, not just processes.

The company had identified and socialized its desired culture vision and behaviors, but needed to make the shifts real and relevant to employees’ day-to-day challenges and interactions. The goal was to translate their theoretical understanding of culture into tangible skills and behaviors that each employee could embrace and enact, regardless of their role or geographic location.


The approach

Our consultative journey began with in-depth conversations with Stein Cares’ senior leaders to better understand which were the biggest gaps between the current and desired culture and which mindset and behavior shifts needed to be prioritized.

With this input, Axialent designed a full-day, interactive program for their annual company offsite that invited employees to learn and practice new mindsets and skills related to effective communication and productive coordination to bring their desired culture to life. The facilitated session provided employees a common language and practical frameworks to build self-awareness, start igniting culture change, and drive shared accountability.


The impact

The offsite was an important milestone in the company’s culture journey. Leaders and team members left with not just theory, but actionable tools that translate into daily practice to enhance decision-making and more fluid collaboration, and started the integration of a conscious business approach into their rapid growth journey.

Igniting Culture Change: Aligning Desired Behaviors at Scale