Richi Gil

Founding Partner

Founding Partner of Axialent, Richi is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in global organizations and extensive experience in leadership development, organizational effectiveness and the corporate world.

During his tenure with Axialent, Richi worked with senior leaders and their teams, coaching and facilitating processes that helped these teams significantly improve their own and their organizations’ performance. He is also a culture expert and helps clients develop the behaviors, symbols and systems required to accomplish the desired business strategies.

Richi made career strides during his years of work for EDS, a global IT services enterprise. As a senior vice president for human resources in Latin America, he led a culture transformation effort for the top leaders, personally coaching and mentoring the senior executives of the region. The sales growth and total contract value increase were outstanding, and EDS Latin America became an icon of success in EDS global.

After earning a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, Richi participated in IDEA’s Executive Business Program, an experience that enriched his practical skills in conscious business philosophy related to coaching, teaching and facilitation.

Richi is an intense sportsman and has participated in several international marathons, holding three 05’ mark in the 26.2 miles. Among his many outdoor activities, Richi also runs adventure races and eco-challenges in teams, experiencing teamwork to the maximum. One of his accomplishments in outdoor sports has been summiting Aconcagua. Richi works at integrating the physical, cognitive and spiritual realms into a successful and balanced life.

He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his wife and daughter. He has three older boys living in Europe and Argentina.

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