Highlights from the Webinar: “Mercado Libre: Driving e-commerce and fintech revolution in Latin America”

By Richi Gil | Apr 21, 2023

During a live webinar, back in 2020, Richi Gil, a Founding Partner of Axialent, engaged in discussion with Pedro Arnt, the CFO of Mercado Libre, about their efforts to reinvigorate Mercado Libre’s DNA and drive the e-commerce and fintech revolution in LATAM. The conversation centered around the impact of conscious culture management and the creation of a MELI way of working.

The remarkable growth and sustainable success of Mercado Libre has been well-documented, and Richi and Pedro discussed the key milestones of this process, as well as the challenging obstacles that MELI overcame. This discussion provides a unique opportunity to learn how Mercado Libre reconnected with its entrepreneurial culture from the early days.

Overall, the conversation was an intriguing exploration of leadership, culture, and MELI’s extraordinary journey towards its current success.

If you’re intrigued by the conversation between Richi Gil and Pedro Arnt about Mercado Libre’s journey to success, we invite you to watch the full webinar by clicking on the link provided. In this insightful discussion, you’ll gain valuable insights into the strategies and practices that have helped MELI achieve its exponential growth and sustainable success in the e-commerce and fintech revolution in LATAM.

In addition to the full webinar, we’ve also provided highlights of the conversation in a series of engaging videos. These videos offer a condensed version of the discussion, highlighting the most compelling and valuable insights from Richi and Pedro’s conversation. Whether you’re short on time or simply prefer bite-sized content, these videos are the perfect way to get a taste of the fascinating conversation that took place. So click on the videos provided and discover the secrets behind Mercado Libre’s incredible journey to success!

Transforming the way the Mercado Libre senior leadership team works together.
Equality at work in Mercado Libre
Does Mercado Libre measure culture financially?
How Mercado Libre works to break down silos.
The reason Mercado Libre started their culture journey.
The story behind Mercado Libre’s interest in Culture.
How Mercado Libre maintains culture across countries.
Living and breathing Mercado Libre’s culture.
Incorporating the Mercado Libre principles into HR processes.
The challenges for Mercado Libre before their culture journey.
Creating a set of principles for the new Mercado Libre culture

We hope you enjoyed this fascinating conversation about Mercado Libre’s journey to success and the impact of conscious culture management. At Axialent, we’re committed to sharing valuable insights and expertise on leadership, culture, and organizational transformation, and we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting content to come.

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