Reigniting Mercado Libre’s DNA to drive the e-commerce and fintech revolution in LATAM

By Richi Gil Aug 27, 2020

In this live webinar Axialent Founding Partner, Richi Gil, spoke to Mercado Libre’s CFO Pedro Arnt about the work they have done around reigniting Mercado Libre’s DNA to drive the e-commerce and fintech revolution in LATAM. They discuss the impact of consciously managing culture and creating a MELI way of working.

Mercado Libre’s exponential growth and sustainable success has been well documented over the years. Richi and Pedro discuss the main milestones of the process and how MELI overcame their most challenging obstacles. This is a unique opportunity to hear how Mercado Libre reconnected to the entrepreneurial culture of its early years.

It was a fascinating conversation about leadership, culture and MELI’s incredible journey to get to where they are today.



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Another consultant deeply involved in our work with Mercado Libre is Dolores Hernandez who wrote this indepth article on the importance of managing an organization’s culture consciously.

Reigniting Mercado Libre's DNA - Image shown at the start of the webinar to welcome attendees


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