Ultimate Culture Webinar – Tapping Into 15 Years of Changing Organizational Cultures Across the Globe

By Richi Gil | Sep 28, 2018

In this webinar, Silke Zanker and Ricardo Gil will discuss myths surrounding culture and strategies for change based on 15 years of global culture transformation and their partnership with Human Synergistics.

Silke and Ricardo will share Axialent’s Conscious Business principles for attaining sustainable business results and cover key points of culture change journeys, including:

  • The myth that culture change takes forever.It doesn’t have to take three years to see results. What are some of the quick wins you can start with? What are the levers you can identify to get the most traction?
  • Embedding culture change in an organization. Conscious leadership is needed to reinforce culture change in an organization. Values, purpose, mission and vision are critical focus points for establishing a new culture. How do you help your leaders identify gaps, get aligned and model the way?
  • The culture ROI.What is the value of a strong, healthy culture for your organization? How do you quantify it? We will share the results of an independent study that quantifies the ROI for one of Axialent’s culture change projects.

Tim Kuppler, Director of Culture & Organization Development for Human Synergistics, will facilitate the discussion and questions from attendees.

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