Oseas Ramírez

Head of Business Innovation and Solution Development

Oseas Ramírez Assad is an entrepreneur and corporate innovation expert. He started his career as a CIO for one of Jalisco’s largest newspapers at age 18. He then worked as a CTO and eventually obtained his degree as a family counselor. This eclectic background set the stage for him to become the founder of one of Mexico’s largest e-learning providers.

Oseas then obtained his MBA, studying in the United States as a Fulbright Scholar. This opened up the opportunity to join Cisco Systems, in the heart of Silicon Valley. While at Cisco, he was in charge of the development of the top 2 percent of senior managers worldwide. While in that position, he led the creation of Startup//Cisco, an internal innovation program that draws from startup innovation best practices — such as Lean Startup and Design Thinking — to help internal Cisco teams accelerate their innovation efforts. Finally, he was in charge of the co-innovation strategy for Cisco’s global network of innovation centers.

Presently, Oseas works with Fortune 500 corporate senior leaders to accelerate innovation in their organizations. He also sits on the board of his e-learning company, a boutique venture capital fund and an innovation consulting company.

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Recording of webinar: “Return to the new normal: Leader's top of mind” with experts Oseas Ramirez and Thierry de Beyssac
Return to the new normal: Leader's top of mind
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Areas of Expertise
  1. Driving innovation transformation initiatives in large multinationals
  2. Innovation management systems, processes, tools and governance
  3. Culture of innovation
  4. Conscious leadership
  5. Cultural change