Conscious Leaders

The prevailing business context requires a specific blend of leadership qualities beyond cognitive and technical capabilities: adaptive and strategic thinking, the ability to leverage diversity, build strong partnerships and inspire others, mastery over emotions and results orientation, among others.

Axialent helps leaders leverage human issues to meet business challenges effectively by addressing leadership development on the three levels of task, relationship and self.

We work with senior executives one-on-one, in groups and in intact teams. Our engagements start with a targeted diagnostic, combining assessment tools, in-depth interviews and executive dialogue sessions to identify gaps and strategies to close them.

Based on the key findings, we co-create a leadership solution, blending mindset-shifting and skill-building workshops, coaching conversations to apply the new skills to specific challenges, team meeting facilitation to embed the new way of operating in the rhythm of the business, and senior executive consulting to resolve business issues.

Leaders learn how their mindsets impact the way they behave and lead. More effective mental models are explored and skills developed. Leaders feel empowered as they focus on their ability to respond rather than on external variables. They reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose as they find ways to express their values in business-effective ways. They learn how to elicit the best in their teams and employees, creating genuine engagement and leading to a superior performance.

Managers become certified in Axialent Application Coaching. Our methodology is distinctive because of its operational nature: Coaches bring a concrete challenge they are facing, learn conscious business principles to effectively address the challenge, practice the coaching, and commit to action after the session.

Combined with conscious leaders or culture change programs, internal coaches can deepen the transformation process as they spread new practices across the company.

Through one-on-one interactions, executives:

  • Apply conscious business principles to concrete operational challenges (standalone or as a continuation of workshops).
  • Work through performance issues identified by a manager or through a performance review process (six- to 12-month developmental process).
  • Understand more fully the impact of their leadership style and what shifts can be made to positively affect their area of influence.
  • Identify key levers for enabling further growth and achievement of full potential. Proactively prepare for a next step in their career path.

The developmental coaching process can include comprehensive assessment (personality and style surveys, 360° feedback instruments and in-depth interviews with colleagues), in-person feedback and development plan creation, ongoing capacity-building coaching sessions, and reassessment of progress toward goals.

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