Dolores Hernández


With a background in sociocultural anthropology, Dolores is an organizational culture change and leadership development expert focused on the design of integral strategic solutions for clients.

Since she joined Axialent in 2006, she participated in more than 50 organizational culture and high-performance team diagnostic processes for clients in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and retail and consumer goods. Dolores designed internal development processes and took on knowledge management responsibilities through the launching of an intranet that allows sharing the best practices across the organization to promote a continuous improvement culture through learning and innovation.

Dolores is certified in Organizational Coaching by the University of St.Andrews.

In her capacity as a content development and marketing manager, she attained strong human resources management skills. This intensified her passion and commitment to personal development activities (based on coaching) and mentoring and facilitation sessions, targeted both to members of her team and to other Axialent members.

Dolores worked four years at the NGO Fundación Poder Ciudadano, first as a volunteer and then as an assistant to the Citizenship Building area, focusing on issues related to transparency, democracy and promotion of civic, political and social integration among the population. Between 2001 and 2003, from the NGO, she managed the Program for Young Negotiators (PYN), developed by Harvard University and customized to the Argentine culture. The purpose of the program was to teach negotiation and conflict resolution skills to prevent violence. While she studied at the university, she participated as a freelance research assistant in investigations related to education and health issues.

Dolores lives in Buenos Aires with her boyfriend and her three children. She enjoys reading, listening to music and cooking. She also enjoys traveling, practicing Pilates and rollerblading.

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Conscious Culture Amidst Workplace Disruption - image representing company DNA
Conscious Culture Amidst Workplace Disruption
By Dolores Hernández
Based on our experience at Axialent, culture is the greatest lever to achieve sustainable business results. Understanding how culture can be leveraged to boost organizational performance is the single and most important reason to manage culture.
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Areas of Expertise
  1. Organizational culture change
  2. Leadership development
  3. Team performance
  4. Qualitative and quantitative research
  5. Instructional design
  6. Visual design