About Joao Adao


Joao Adao is a luminary in the field of digital transformation, renowned for his inspiring keynotes that drive organizations towards the digital future. With 30 years of experience at the helm of multinational companies, João’s expertise spans a vast array of sectors, including technology, consulting, and online services.

At the forefront of digital change, Joao’s most notable role was as the Managing Director for Meta in South America, where he spearheaded revenue growth by fostering a culture of success and assembling a high-performing, diverse team. His work at hibu, as President for Latin America, showcased his ability to turn around the company’s fortunes, transforming the Yellow Pages into a competitive digital entity and reversing declining revenue trends.

Currently, Joao is imparting his vast knowledge as a Senior Associate Partner at Axialent, based in the culturally rich and innovative city of Barcelona, Spain. His academic journey, which includes a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, coupled with specialized studies in Organisational Development and innovation, has given him an unparalleled understanding of the intricate relationship between business operations and technological advancement.

His professional journey is a testament to his versatile leadership and deep understanding of digital ecosystems. João’s positions have taken him across the globe, from Europe to Latin America, instilling a broad perspective on international management and digital strategy execution.


Joao Adao’s talks are a blend of inspiration and actionable insights, tailored to guide corporate audiences through the nuances of digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation and Culture Talks

Driven by his passion for digital and cultural transformation, Joao Adao has become a renowned keynote speaker. His dynamic and multilingual presentations captivate audiences globally, providing them with valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to embrace and lead digital transformation initiatives.

With fluency in five languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian – Joao’s ability to connect with diverse audiences is unparalleled. His keynote speeches encompass a wide range of topics, including digital strategy, organizational change, innovation culture, and high-performance team development. He combines his practical experiences, industry knowledge, and charismatic speaking style to deliver engaging and impactful presentations that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.