Fran Cherny

Managing Director

As a member of Axialent’s founding team, Fran combines the experience of opening new markets, partnering with global clients in their transformation journeys, and creating business operating platforms from scratch.

In his prior position as general manager for Axialent Europe, Fran pioneered our presence in that market, serving clients in more than 20 cities in the region and creating a team of 80 consultants. Before that, he was vice president of business development leading our global marketing and sales efforts and opening new markets in Latin America.

Prior to Axialent, Fran was a consultant for the Department of International Relations at Shell Capsa. He was responsible for diagnostics and strategic planning of all community development programs, implementing a process to assess projects’ feasibility and decide on funding, and creating a guidebook on project assessment and execution that became a reference in the corporate social responsibility community.

Fran studied business administration with an emphasis on nonprofit organizations. He was the director of the nonprofit Fundación Iniciativa, which promotes leadership among Latin American youth, and has presented many workshops on topics including “Youth Participation in Social Development” and “Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations.” In recognition of his involvement in the community and successful career at a young age, the Argentinean Magazine Twenty-three named Fran a “Model for Society” in October 2000.

In his free time, Fran enjoys trekking in the outdoors, practicing sports such as soccer and tennis, and reading history and fiction. He also likes to travel and experience new cultures.

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