José Martí


José Martí holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from ITAM. He has been a senior executive in the areas of human resources and organizational development.

He worked 24 years for General Electric, starting as a human resources trainee and holding several positions within the human resources division. He lived eight years in the United States and became a human resources vice president for General Electric Latin America. As such, he had the opportunity to interact with legendary Jack Welch.

Afterward, he served as head of human resources for Bank of America Mexico and ended his corporate career as human resources CEO at Citibank Latin America.

Today, he is a lecturer and consultant in leadership and culture transformation. More than 10,000 people from Citibank and other companies in Latin America and the United States have acclaimed his lectures on leadership.

José is currently an Axialent strategic partner and an advisor to several companies. He is married and has five children. He loves mountain biking and Bikram yoga.

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The Role of Love in Leadership and Business Growth
By José Martí
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