Meghan Stone

Content Specialist

Meghan is dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations reach their goals and live a more fulfilled existence. She is an ontological coach, clinical social worker, and educator who began working in the world of management consulting over 4 years ago. Meghan has master’s degrees in Clinical Social Work and Education from Widener University, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and her Ontological Coaching Certification from Newfield Network in Chile. Her experience and interests are in the areas of culture change management, diversity, equity and inclusion, personal transformation, women and motherhood, and sexuality. ​

In the United States, Meghan worked as a clinical social worker and educator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She developed and implemented education programs for underserved communities in the area, focusing on adolescent and adult populations. She worked as a facilitator and therapist for educational support groups, individuals, families, and couples, which required critical thinking, listening skills, and empathy; skills that she refined on the job. ​

Meghan began working at Axialent after falling in love with Argentina over 10 years ago and deciding to move there. She has found a home in Axialent that she feels represents her personal and professional values.

Meghan is an experienced copywriter, content manager, and culture project manager. She is highly skilled in program development, change management, and strategic planning. She has received culture analyst and interviewer certifications from Axialent University and has played a key role in many culture transformation projects. ​

Meghan is married and has a 5-year-old son and 3 wonderful stepchildren. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, traveling, music, cooking, reading, and spending time outside, as well as with friends and family.​


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Team working together with their leader
Culture Change: Culture and Leadership are Intimately Connected
By Meghan Stone
At Axialent we define culture as a set of values, norms, beliefs, and assumptions that govern how we work and what we do. Organizational culture and leadership go hand in hand. To understand the culture of an organization, you must examine its leaders and leadership styles.
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Areas of Expertise
  1. Management and execution of culture transformation projects
  2. Culture data analysis