About Richi Gil

Axialent Founding Partner - Seasoned executive with more than 20 years in leadership development & organizational effectiveness.

Founding Partner of Axialent, Richi is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in global organizations and extensive experience in leadership development, organizational effectiveness and the corporate world.


During his tenure with Axialent, Richi worked with senior leaders and their teams, coaching and facilitating processes that helped these teams significantly improve their own and their organizations’ performance. He is also a culture expert and helps clients develop the behaviors, symbols and systems required to accomplish the desired business strategies.


Richi made career strides during his years of work for EDS, a global IT services enterprise. As a senior vice president for human resources in Latin America, he led a culture transformation effort for the top leaders, personally coaching and mentoring the senior executives of the region. The sales growth and total contract value increase were outstanding, and EDS Latin America became an icon of success in EDS global.




Ready-to-go customizable keynote presentations and sessions with a proven track record with corporate audiences around the world.


1 – Culture in Service of Business Strategy

Culture is the binding element that connects all these aspects; purpose, goals, strategy and successful execution. The right culture can be an incredible asset for actualizing purpose, while the wrong culture can become an insurmountable obstacle.

These fundamental elements, actioned at the service of the purpose and done repeatedly, will change the world. They will transform it into a more conscious, loving, compassionate and wiser world; a place where people can pursue their dreams of helping themselves, others and the planet.
In this talk you’ll learn how an effective culture can help you achieve incredible growth and success in your organization.


2 – The importance of feedback and empathic listening in today’s world

Explore the power that feedback has inside an organization and also the different levels of listening. Learn how to leverage these powers for the growth of your organization.


3 – Integrity in Leadership: The essential key

During this talk, we will dive deeper into exploring the role of integrity in leadership, the importance of aligning values and behavior, and why discipline is a critical aspect of this topic. This will be aimed at giving you practical insights and tactics to help your organization integrate them into your culture.


4 – The secrets to build high-performance team?

A lot of organizations aspire to have high-performance teams, but what does it really take to become one? What are the levers that can help you achieve extraordinary and sustainable success? This talk is filled with practical tactics based on decades of implementing in organization around the world. You’ll have a roadmap to creating truly high-performing teams.


5 – Distinctions, which lenses are you wearing?

The ability to have more powerful distinctions allows us to do things that we couldn’t do before, and when we can do things that we couldn’t do before, we can achieve different results. Distinctions help us to be able to intervene in the world in a different way. In this conference, Richi Gil postulates that there are certain mental models that contribute to the development of these distinctions and others that hinder it.

Richi truly embraces the concepts of the Axialent model. He brings this passion and energy with him to every aspect of interaction with the client. He is capable of touching even the most difficult of attendees and provides them with a better understanding of human relationships and their personal impact on the team.
Chris Peetz
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Lasko Products