How to Become a Conscious Leader?

May 03, 2018

Axialent Advisory Board Members give advice regarding conscious leadership and the generation of capabilities that are necessary for leaders today to succeed and grow sustainable businesses.


Lisa Lahey: To me, that’s the advice I would give anybody, which is to be looking at themselves in the mirror, and seeing what they are unintentionally communicating to people.

Nithya Shanti: What do I really want from today? At the end of the day, check back and see how did it go? So, tuning into the deepest pain of others awakens compassion, and this compassion, I would say, to my mind, is the foundation of conscious leadership.

Rajendra: And they’re being asked now, or we’re asking them, and others are saying that what you thought was your purpose, is actually not your purpose. That you have to think about a purpose separate from that, and that’s a tough thing for a lot of businesses, because their leaders have grown up with a certain mindset.

Shauna Shapiro: The answer is we need to slow down and listen. Listen every day. What’s true? How’s my body resonating with this? If it feels good and right, do it.

Jorge Valdano: You can only lead from a place of authenticity, from your deepest beliefs. If you want to fake your personality, imitating the last winner (that is always tempting) you end up betraying your nature making it very difficult to be effective.

Bill Withers: You also hand over your role as a director of an organization. So, I was the founder, but I needed to hand over that role to other people so that they could become re founders, and have the same mindset as the founding entrepreneur or similar mindsets.

Francisco: We also need to remember is that we will not be here forever. That we need to be organizations aligned to a purpose that will survive ourselves, and that will go beyond ourselves, and that our responsibility is to make sure that the organization and its purpose will last forever.

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