The Power of Two Simple Words

By Nithya Shanti | Jul 11, 2018

In this video, Nithya Shanti shares a simple practice that can help us shift our minds and focus on the positive of every situation.


My name is Nithya Shanti and I am sending you this message from Northern India from a town called Rishikesh which is at the foothills of the Himalayas and it’s one of the most sacred towns of India. A lot of people, a lot of westerners also come here to learn Yoga and have other kind of experiences and wonderful learnings from the ancient heritage of India.

Behind me is the river Ganges which is one of the most sacred rivers of India and people often dip into this river to purify not only their body but their spirits. That’s what they believe, yeah. So I lived with a Buddhist monk for several years and I really trained in different ways to live more consciously, to awaken all the hidden potential that we have.

And I now share those things with friends all over the world. And one simple message I have for you is exactly two words. Those two words are how wonderful. And to say these words no matter what happens in the day. Your bus is late, you say how wonderful. You can’t find something, how wonderful. You misplace something, how wonderful. No matter what happens, even someone criticizes you, how wonderful something to learn over there.

So what we’re doing is, we’re actually training our mind to see what’s right in any given situation. But I think any thought you believe is actually fooling you because every event of life is actually quite neutral. It’s our hearts and our perception that give it meaning. So I would invite you to practice saying how wonderful no matter what happens and there is this shift from being happy.

There are actually four kinds of happiness. No happiness, happy for the wrong reason, happy for a good reason and happy for no reason. And saying how wonderful repeatedly several times a day no matter what happens we start finding, we start being happy for no reason. Nothing has to happen and we’re still quite happy.

Let me just show you around a little bit where I am. The beautiful mountain in the back and these are wonderful temples. I’m actually here with some friends. We’re on a pilgrimage to visit various places in the mountains. And so sending you all my good wishes. And this is what I do, I learn things and I share things and I practice things and I try to make it as practical, down to earth and effective as I possibly can.

And this is just a quick little video with a very powerful tool that I’ve learned. No matter what happens in life just to say how wonderful. So please practice this. Let’s all say it together. One, two, three. How wonderful. And I hope you said that. All right. All my good wishes. Take care.

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