How to Build a Culture of Innovation

By Raphael Louis Vitón Dec 14, 2017

This webinar, hosted by Raphael Louis Vitón, global transformation lead at Axialent, and Tim Kuppler, director of culture and organization development at Human Synergistics, a 40-plus-year pioneer in the field of workplace culture and leadership, and the co-founder of, features lessons learned from Axialent’s decade-long partnership with Human Synergistics, building more collaborative, courageous, creative and agile organizations. While many executives hide behind the “innovation/change is hard” excuse, in this webinar Raff and Tim will discuss firsthand stories that demonstrate how fostering a culture of innovation is easier when you:

  • Clarify your culture gap (current vs. ideal) and the business case for your “FROM>TO” shift.
  • Co-create a shared learning path forward (i.e., a prototype).
  • Focus your change efforts where you’ll get immediate, deep leverage and real benefits (in a way that people really like vs. resist):
    • Focus on your existing business priorities (e.g., growth, customer experience, new products/services) to improve results with clarity and speed.
    • Focus on the beliefs, biases and behaviors to scale constructive leadership lifestyle habits.
    • Focus on engaging leadership and the broader organization in new ways to break free from self-limiting, outdated corporate traditions of old.


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