Marisa has been a member of the Axialent community since 2010. She is an experienced project manager who has dealt with a large amount of projects in several regions like Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Both an Argentinian and Swiss citizen, she graduated in science of communication from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and holds a master’s degree in management and commercial administration from Escuela Europea de Administración y Empresa from Madrid, Spain.

Marisa is a team player who likes changes and challenges. She has worked in Argentina and Switzerland in different branches and places ranging from large multinationals to international tribunals. In addition, Marisa has a keen interest in volunteerism and has worked for different nonprofit organizations.

She is fluent in Spanish, English and German and has a good Italian level.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she currently lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, with her family. In her spare time, Marisa enjoys swimming and traveling to new destinations and indulges her love of books, puzzles and movies.

She also has a great interest in history, philosophy and humanitarian affairs.

Elena Ortega leads cultural transformation projects for clients in Spain and Latin America. She also designs and facilitates innovative leadership programs for global organizations.

As a consultant in cultural transformation, she helps clients achieve business results by analyzing their current culture and its impact on the company’s strategy. Using this information, she guides them in designing a cultural plan to bridge the gap between their current culture and the desired one that will drive their results. Finally, she works with leaders to enhance cultural change.

In the realm of leadership, Elena helps individuals take their leadership to the next level, becoming more productive, influential, and purpose-driven. She shares with her clients the strategies and questions used by the world’s most successful and influential people to manage their emotions, plan their projects, positively influence others, and keep their purposes clear and alive. Her commitment also extends to female executives and entrepreneurs with teams, whom she accompanies in developing their own leadership style with courage and heart.

Elena has worked with clients such as P&G (Spain), BBVA (global), Facebook (Mexico), Sanofi (Argentina), Mastercard (Southern Cone), Porvenir (Colombia), TGS (Argentina), Médecins Sans Frontières (Spain), and Stellantis (Spain).

She holds a degree in Law from the University of Valencia and a Master’s in Business Legal Advice from the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid). She completed the Executive Program in Human Resources at the Centro Garrigues (Madrid). Elena is certified in Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI), and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory, all diagnostic and measurement tools of Human Synergistics. She is a certified Executive Coach and Team Coach by the European Coaching School, as well as a certified High Performance Coach. She is also trained in neuroscience and compassion cultivation.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling and has a passion for photography, leading her to collaborate with brands as a travel photographer on Instagram. She is recognized as one of the travel influencers of 2019 by Forbes Spain.