Success. Often a desired state that obsesses us. We constantly strive to achieve what we want, be recognized for the impact we can create, being relevant on our area of expertise (or avoiding becoming irrelevant). In the pursuit of success, we often fixate on distant goals that seem far out of reach and tend to lose sight of a crucial element on the success formula: the HOW.  How we reach our goals is what distinguishes us:  leading ourselves with integrity and staying aligned with our values throughout the process.


What does success truly look like? what does it mean to be successful in the context of our organization, our teams, and our personal lives?


At Axialent, we believe it’s important to redefine success beyond mere victory and acknowledge the significance of the journey we undertake to attain our goals.


As leaders we face a critical choice: how will we lead? What type of leader do we choose to become, and what behaviors are we willing to tolerate in our pursuit of results? It’s tempting to believe that the end justifies the means, that we can hide our actions beneath the veil of favorable outcomes. However, our actions ultimately define us, shaping our character and reputation and when aligned with our core values it brings us peace of mind and ultimate happiness, despite of the outcome.


Don’t take me wrong, at Axialent we highly support the importance of delivering to each other’s commitments and being accountable for results, we strive for it.  However, we know, based on our experience of more than 20 years working with organizations and leaders across the world, that the best way to achieve  desired outcome is to focus on the process: So, what does that entail?


It means, being the type of leader capable of creating a safe space and the right conditions for people to shine and unleash their true potential.  Being centered and acting and responding to challenges from that centeredness that grants a clear judgment grounded on leader’s core values.


Our core values serve as a spiritual harness that guides our actions. They are not abstract concepts but concrete and observable behaviors of what is important for us. Our values shape the way we lead and the choices we make. Success beyond success entails standing strong to these values, conducting ourselves in a manner that brings us pride. By embracing our values as the foundation of our leadership, we create a positive impact and inspire those around us.


These are some concrete recommendations to uncover our core values:

Pause and reflect: Take the time to pause and reflect on your experiences, both professional and personal, and identify the moments that have truly mattered to you. What values were present in those moments? What principles guided your actions?

Seek feedback: Reach out to trusted colleagues, mentors, and team members and ask for their honest feedback. Inquire about the qualities they admire in your leadership and the values they perceive in your actions. Their insights can provide valuable perspective and help you gain clarity on the values that others associate with your leadership.

Define your deal-brakers: Consider the values that are non-negotiable for you as a leader. These are the principles that you are unwilling to compromise on, regardless of the situation or external pressures.

Align values with actions: Reflect on how well your current actions align with your identified values. Are there any inconsistencies or areas where you can improve? Be honest with yourself and commit to making adjustments to ensure that your behaviors and decisions are in alignment with your core values.

Experiment and iterate: Leadership is an evolving journey. Embrace the mindset of continuous improvement and be open to experimenting with new ways of leading that align with your values.

Embracing our values and leading with integrity will not only guide us towards unconditional success but also inspire those around us to do the same.


Success beyond success demands that we let go of our obsession with outcomes and instead focus on the process. How we achieve our results matters most. Yet, we cannot control the outcome. This shift in perspective allows us to detach ourselves from the uncontrollable and concentrate on what we can influence: our own behavior, decisions, and integrity.


Our actions speak louder than words. They reflect who we are and what we value. When leaders prioritize performance above everything else, they contribute to perpetuate tyrannical leadership, where achieving objectives becomes more important than nurturing a positive and ethical work environment. In the other hand, when leaders understand the importance of unconditional success, they foster an atmosphere of trust, growth, and collaboration.


It’s time we challenge traditional notions of success and place emphasis on the ‘how’ of our achievements rather than just the ‘what’. Our values should be our guiding light, not mere ornaments. They shape our actions and mold our leadership persona. This isn’t about feel-good philosophy; it’s about enhancing our resilience, amplifying our influence, and paradoxically, accelerating our journey towards those business results.


Are you brave enough to redefine success and uncover the potency of truly unconditional success?