Online Event Producer (Freelance for CET times)

As an online event producer for Axialent, you are supporting the facilitator of an online session to manage participants and handle the virtual collaboration and presentation tools. Online sessions are typically around 2 hours per event and involve anything from 10 to 100 participants. The purpose of those events is to help multinational companies to create effective behavioral change in people, namely to develop more conscious ways of leading people and working together.

In practical terms, you would for example prepare an online session and organize participants into break-out rooms in Zoom, follow and summarize the online-chat, have online polls available via Mentimeter, play video-clips, provide a collaboration space in Mural and send recordings after the session to participants.

Main requirements are:

  • High Proficiency in English, both verbally and in writing (a must).
  • High Proficiency in a second language, both verbally and in writing (a must). Ideally German or French. Spanish and Portuguese are a plus as well.
  • A third language will be valued.
  • Availability during European office hours for a session with two to four weeks’ notice.
  • Willingness to learn online collaboration tools like Zoom, Mentimeter or Mural.
  • A good computer equipment and Internet connection.
  • Ability to interact in a friendly and service oriented way with participants.

What we offer:

  • Gaining experience in online collaboration.
  • A pleasant and very interesting series of online events to follow and to learn from.
  • Learn about Conscious Business and Innovation.
  • Start dates vary depending on client and projects. We are always hiring to have valuable professionals within our poll.

Want to join our team?

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