Oseas Ramírez, has been named Axialent’s new CEO

Feb 07, 2022

Oseas Ramírez Assad, ex-Cisco, has been named Axialent’s new CEO.
Our former CEO, José Suarez Arias-Cachero, will become a board member and will continue to be a strategic partner.
We are excited to announce the appointment of Oseas Ramírez Assad as the company’s new CEO. For the last 3 years he has been holding a strategic position, leading the development of new solutions. He has brought the Optimal Me methodology — based on how to ignite an effective personal growth journey focusing on mental and physical energy — to multinational companies.
Oseas Ramirez Assad, a native of Mexico and a resident of New York, has extensive training at prestigious universities such as the Thunderbird School of Global Management with the Fulbright program, and is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur with a 20-year track record leading the innovation both in new companies and within large established companies.
In the heart of Silicon Valley at Cisco Systems, he led three initiatives: developing the company’s top 2% of talent worldwide (focusing on senior managers), creating a program to bring innovation best practices from startups to the corporation and, finally, the creation of the innovation strategy for the worldwide network of Cisco innovation centers.
Passionate about the intersection between technology, human development and entrepreneurship, Oseas is part of the board of directors of the companies he co-founded, advises large corporations internationally on innovation issues and is an international keynote speaker.
Today he starts a new path: aiming to delve into unexplored channels and developing processes that will enable the company’s purpose to be taken to new contexts and markets and achieve a positive impact on many more people.
Currently, after having successfully led the pandemic period and achieving an internal digital transformation at Axialent, José Suarez Arias-Cachero, from Asturias, is leaving his position as CEO to be a board member, from where he will try to leverage his experience at Axialent to strengthen the connection with other global companies to meet its strategic objectives.

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