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Conscious Culture

Culture is the way things are done in an organization, the beliefs and assumptions that people share about how they should work, and problem solve together. Culture informs systems, work processes, interactions with stakeholders, every decision made and how it is made, as the organization strives to meet its goals and fulfill its purpose.

Does your culture support your strategy?

Culture can make or break the business strategy. A strong, healthy – conscious – culture can develop a competitive edge that is hard for others to copy. It will not only maximize the chances of successfully and sustainably meeting the strategy, it will also foster trust-based relationships with stakeholders. It will create engagement. It will make the organization resilient and agile to adapt to changing needs in the environment, and attractive to top talent.

Companies that actively manage and lead culture have proven to be more effective than those that do not intervene. Managing culture involves learning what culture you have, find the limiting mindsets and the opportunities to evolve, and defining what culture you want to have. At the same time, it involves evolving the leadership of your organization.




How do we do it?

The focus of our work on culture is on short impactful interventions with a strong long-term backbone, highlighting the direct link to mindsets and how these impact behavior and collective assumptions, working team by team to establish widespread high-performance habits across the organization.

Our core interventions to achieve culture transformation are:






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