About Fran Cherny

Culture & Execultive Development Lead at Booking, Axialent Associate, and author of the book “Be the Change: The art of becoming our own innovation Project”.

Fran Cherny is a business leader, inspirational speaker, and advisor to executives driving cultural transformation processes.

Fran is recognized in the industry for his ability to facilitate change processes that last and produce real business results. His methodology is based on agile and innovative practices applied in real day-to-day situations and has proven eective. He generates sustainable transformations, and helps leaders and teams to align business strategy with their values and practices. His proven methodology is based on agile and innovative practices applied in real day-to-day situations.

Born in Buenos Aires and currently based in Barcelona.



For over 15 years and in more than 20 countries, Fran has supported leading multinationals — such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Facebook, and AXA — through cultural transformation projects, conferences, direct coaching to executives, and facilitation of leadership teams.

Fran was responsible for opening Axialent’s European market. As CEO (2012-2017), he led global expansion eorts, developed new markets, and expanded the Axialent Advisory board bringing the most relevant content clients needed. He also led the recruitment and development of hundreds of consultants and inspired many others through his speaking engagements.





1 – Why is it so hard to change?

This talk stems from one of the main reflections of the book, which has to do with the diculties we may encounter when undertaking any change, and how we can transform ourselves into someone capable of successfully changing in all our areas of action – and do it sustainably.


2 – Creating the culture we want.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a consultant and as an expert in cultural transformations of multinational companies in various industries, Fran reviews the key points to consider when embarking on this type of process and invites us to take action to make it possible.


3 – Leading change.

In this talk, Fran invites us to look at ourselves as people capable of inspiring others to constantly change and evolve. We all occupy places of leadership in dierent areas of our lives. From that thesis, he explains what the fundamental beliefs and values are to make the changes we want happen and how to invite others to be part of that same process.


Through Fran I learned the power of starting with ‘what I can do better’, and how this can transform a culture and lead to transformational growth.
Guy Persaud
President of Procter & Gamble Co New Business