Lead to Transform: Why we Fail at Change

By Fran Cherny | Oct 10, 2019
The only way to stay ahead of the game, especially in the current climate of turbulence, disruption and high-velocity markets is the ability to change and adapt. 
Have you been thinking or trying to change, adapt or improve something and feel you are not capable yet? What about your team, your organization?
Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new“.
That sounds simple, so why is it so hard to create change?
In this live webinar, Fran Cherny, Managing Director at Axialent shares lessons and insights from the past 15 years of working with organizations, teams and individuals who are trying to create change fast. He shares best practices, common pitfalls and some concrete steps you can take to make change happen
During the webinar, Fran goes through the three levels of change and how to recover faster when you fall into a trap. 
You will learn:
– why it is so difficult to change
– what makes us fail over and over again when we try to change
– how to really make change happen 


Why we Fail at Change - image of open door inviting us to step from a grey world into one of colour

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